Cliff Young
Professor • Associate Dean of Infrastructure • IT and Building
Dean's Office • Marketing

BUSB 6000C

Clifford Young is the associate dean of faculty, staff, and operations. After serving in the Air Force for six years as an F-4 pilot, he entered the PhD program at the University of Utah in 1976, graduating in 1980. He also taught at Oklahoma State University and the University of Utah. His expertise is in the area of marketing research methodology, survey development and research analysis, with experience in sales and sales deployment analysis.

Young is published in top marketing and management journals including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, The Academy of Management Journal, among others. Recent publications have focused on cross-cultural analyses of customer perceptions of services.

He is also a consultant with a sales management and training company and with the National Insurance Corporation. His memberships include the Academy of Marketing Science and the American Marketing Association Research. He has reviewed for such journals as the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and Journal of Business Research.


PhD Marketing, University of Utah

MBA, University of Utah

BS Physics, Colorado State University

Areas of expertise


Marketing Research

Statistical Methods

Publications and presentations

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Outstanding paper JPSSM 1994, Sorenson Best Paper Award 2002, John B. Rogers Term Professorship 2004