Ken Bettenhausen
Professor • Director of Management
Management • Managing for Sustainability

BUSB 4208


PhD Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

BS Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Areas of expertise

Organizational Behavior

Group Dynamics and Norm Formation

Organization Design

Publications and presentations

"When organizational politics matters: The effects of perceived frequency and distance of experienced politics," Human Relations, 2017. (with J.M. Maslyn and S.M. Farmer)

"Determinantes of Corporate Carbon Reduction Targets," Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 2014. (with J. Byrd and E. Cooperman)

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"The Emergence of Norms in Competitive Decision-Making Groups," Administrative Science Quarterly, 1985 (with J. K. Murnighan)


Listing in Who's Who in the Management Sciences, 2000

Outstanding Service Award, Business School at the University of Colorado at Denver, 1997

Listing in Who's Who Among America's Teachers: The Best Teachers in America Selected by the Best Students, 1996

Best Paper Award, Organization Communication Division, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 1989


Member: Academy of Management

Representative-at-Large: Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management, 1993-95

Editorial Board: Journal of Management, 1991-99; Academy of Management Review, 1993-97; Academy of Management Journal, 1997-2002

Reviewer: Various journals

Consultant: US West, Neodata, USDA, University of Colorado Executive Programs