Stefan Poikoneon
Assistant Professor
Business Analytics

BUSB 4004

Stefan Poikonen’s research focuses on mathematical and computational optimization in operations research. Recent research has particularly focused on optimization and routing problems related to emerging transportation technologies (e.g. electric vehicles and drones).  Optimizing electric vehicle recharging policies and integrating drones into consumer delivery or disaster response fleets can reduce costs, road congestion, and emissions, while simultaneously increasing the quality and speed of service. These outcomes are especially of interest to large logistics players (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, US military, etc.) and the consumers they service, but also have positive externalities to society at large. Methodologically, this research uses a mixture of mathematical programming, heuristics, and analytically constructed bounds. 

Poikonen's research has appeared in journals including Networks, Optimization Letters, and INFORMS Journal on Computing. He has also presented his research at numerous field-leading conferences across the globe. Poikonen has served as an expert reviewer for several journals in the field.

Prior to joining the University of Colorado Denver, Poikonen taught in various capacities at the University of Maryland, where he obtained his PhD in the program of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing under the guidance of Bruce Golden.  He also worked as a consultant/researcher at DecisionQ Corporation and as a Technical Services Engineer at Epic Systems.


PhD Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation, University of Maryland

BA Math and Economics, St. Olaf College

Areas of expertise

Operations Research

Transportation Science

Drone Operations

Electric Vehicles

Mathematical Optimization

Publications and presentations

Poikonen, Stefan, Xingyin Wang, and Bruce Golden. "The Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones: Extended Models and Connections." Networks, 70(1), 34-43 (2017).

Wang, Xingyin, Stefan Poikonen, and Bruce Golden. "The Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones: Several Worst-Case Results." Optimization Letters, 11(4), 679-697 (2017).

Poikonen, Stefan, Bruce Golden, and Edward Wasil. "A Branch and Bound Approach to the TSP with Drone." to appear in INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Poikonen,  Stefan and Bruce Golden “Ship and Drone Routing Problems”,  presented at Odysseus 2018, Cagliari, Italy, June2018.

Otta,  Alena,  Stefan  Poikonen,  and  Bruce  Golden.  “Planning  deliveries  in  disaster  relief  by  truck and drone”, presented at Odysseus2018, Cagliari, Italy, June 2018.

Poikonen, Stefan. “The Shortest Path with Charging Problem and Potential Military Applications”, presented  at  the  Military  Operations  Research  Society  Emerging  Techniques  Forum  (MORS  ETF),Alexandria, VA, December 2017.

Poikonen,  Stefan,  Larry Levy,  and Bruce Golden.  “Dijkstra’s Algorithm and Graph Modification: Applications  to  Electric  Vehicle  Routing  and  the  k-Nearest  Retailers  Problem”,  presented  at  IN-FORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, October 2017.

Poikonen,  Stefan,  Edward Wasil,  and Bruce Golden.  “The Naval Mothership and Drone Routingand Signal Reading Problems”, presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, October 2017.

Poikonen, Stefan, Edward Wasil, and Bruce Golden.  “A Branch-and-Bound Approach to the Trav-eling Salesman Problem with Drone”,  presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting,  Houston,  October 2017.

Poikonen, Stefan, Edward Wasil, and Bruce Golden. “The Traveling Salesman Problem with Drone: Computational Approaches”, presented at International Conference on Optimization and Decision Science, Sorrento, Italy, September 2017.

Poikonen, Stefan, Xingyin Wang, and Bruce Golden.  “Drone Routing Models with Applications to Disaster Relief”, presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, November 2016.

Poikonen, Stefan.  “A Convex Programming Approach to Drone Routing with Obstacles and Physical Constraints”, presented at 4th International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization, Vietrisul Mare, Italy, May 2016.

Poikonen, Stefan, Xingyin Wang, and Bruce Golden. “Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones: Worst-Case Bounds and Related Problems”, presented at 4th International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, May 2016.

Wang, Xingyin, Stefan Poikonen, and Bruce Golden.  “The Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones:A Worst-Case Analysis”, presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, November 2015.

Pomponio, Xun, Ling Gu, Stefan Poikonen, and Jin Dong. “US Financial Crisis: Lessons for China”, presented at Chinese Economists Society Annual Conference, Xiamen, 2010.


University of Maryland, Department of Decisions, Operations, and Information Technology, Research Award, Summer 2017.

University of Maryland, Department of Mathematics, Teaching Award, Summer 2016.

University of Maryland, “Most Valuable Professor (MVP)” Award, Fall 2013 and Fall 2014.

University of Maryland, Dean’s Fellowship, Fall 2013 to Spring 2015.

Member of Omicron Delta Epsilon economics honor society, inducted Fall 2011.

Husby-Johnson Grant for Undergraduate Research, Summer 2010.

St. Olaf College, Dean’s List, 2007-2011.


INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society

INFORMS Computing Society

INFORMS Optimization Society

Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)