Healthcare is undergoing major transformations, affecting how care is delivered and by whom. In this dynamic environment, individuals and businesses, as consumers and purchasers of health care products and services, are being asked to bear an ever-increasing portion of the costs and responsibility to participate. The cost of health care has increased considerably, now consuming about 18% of national GDP, putting American individuals and companies in an economically unsustainable situation.

These trends coincide with the continuing evolution of engaging, low-cost and convenient digital health, and health information technology tools that carry the potential to create efficiencies in this vital system. These products are evolving to the point where we are currently seeing significant transformations in the entire healthcare industry, both here in Colorado and across the nation.

CITI-Digital Health Consortium (CITI-DHC)

CITI-DHC is an industry-academia led initiative with a mission to accelerate digital health transformation through education, research, development, and recommend solutions to the multiple challenges surrounding the design, development, and integration of information technologies into the health care system.

The consortium includes academic, industry, and public digital health innovation stakeholders representing academic units throughout the CU system, including those at the Anschutz Medical Campus and the CU Denver College of Business. Our vision is to collaborate with other members of the Colorado digital health ecosystem to position the state as an international digital health innovation hub.