The Commodities Certificate will prepare you for a career where commodities play a major role in operations. Coursework integrates industry operating procedures and standards, including regulations, and compliance. The certificate emphasizes markets, supply chain, and forecasting supply and demand functions.

The certificate is will help you expand your business knowledge. You do not need to have completed an undergraduate degree to apply and you may be enrolled at a different university. Undergraduate credit may be earned as a part the certificate and could count towards your undergraduate degree at another university. Your university can assist you on assessing this possibility.


By completing three commodities courses, you can add this certificate to your resume in as quickly as a year. 

Required courses cover a broad range of topics across industries including liability, retirement income, insurance pricing, medical malpractice, diversification of risk, and more. Required courses include:

  • Foundations of Commodities
  • Trading in Commodity and Financial Markets
  • Commodity Data Analysis
  • Commodity Supply Chain Management