The J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities offers two classes in the Fall semester and two in the Spring semeseter.

Fall 2019 Course Offerings:

CMDT 4802/6802: Foundations of Commodities
Mondays, 6:30-9:15PM

CMDT 4582/6582: Commodity Supply Chain Management
Monday & Wednesday, 5:00-6:15PM

Foundations Of Commodities

This course introduces students to the physical aspects of commodities and connects them to the financial markets in which commodities are traded.  Fundamental concepts and terminology necessary for understanding commodity production, transportation, economics, financial analysis and marketing are described, in addition to the production and market structure knowledge needed to be successful professional participants in commodity trading capacities.  The course also serves as a foundation for more focused education in the specific commodity sectors, as well as the applied use of marketing and financial trading concepts learned in other courses.

Lance Titus

Mr. Lance Titus serves as Managing Director of Business Development, Origination and Structured Transactions at Uniper Global Commodities. He has over twenty years of commodities trading, structuring and risk management experience. Having held senior leadership roles from Wall Street to the energy industry, working for an investment bank, as well as for leading utilities, unregulated entities and merchant energy firms. He has transacted over $15 Billion in deals across the energy and environmental commodity markets with a sector focus in electricity, natural gas, renewables, carbon and emissions. Mr. Titus has been a featured panelist at Bloomberg's "The Future of Energy Summit" in New York, and also serves as an adjunct professor for the course, "Foundations of Commodities" at the University of Colorado Denver. Mr. Titus holds an MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. and a B.S. degree in Finance and Marketing from Clarion University. He serves on the Advisory Board of,  is a member of the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities Advisory Council, serves on its Research Council and is a member of the Global Commodities Applied Research Digest Editorial Advisory Board.




Commodity Supply Chain Management

In this class, students will be able to Comprehend the basic terminology, concepts and structure of supply chains. Evaluate supply chain factors in the cost of commodities, investigate strategies & identify/manage common risk factors. Guest speakers will be present to speak to commodity-specific supply chains. Impact on underlying costs and market availability will be explored.

Mike Harper

Michael Harper's professional history includes working at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where research included nuclear containment at Nevada Test Site, micro-earthquake research, tsunami research, rock mechanics and fragmentation of oil shale, decision modeling, and Bayesian statistics. He was also vice president at Professional Geophysics Incorporated, where consulting included software development and project management. Harper has taught at the University of Denver, Denver Seminary, Colorado School of Mines, and the University of Colorado Denver Business School. He holds a traditional approach that includes lectures to present tools, techniques, and strategy along with assignments to develop knowledge and skills. He also utilizes case studies or projects to challenge application in a business environment.