Yosef BonaparteI welcome you to the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities (JPMCC).

The mission of the JPMCC encompasses the business side of commodities. We examine current issues and explore news ideas, through programs of research and education.

The Center pursues its mission by way of several core activities:

  1. Education: we train University of Colorado students in the business side of commodities. Our business school curriculum complements related programs, such as the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Colorado Agriculture programs which focus mainly on the physical production aspects of the commodities sector.
  2. Applied research: we conduct practical research that bridges between academic research and business practitioners.
  3. Think tank: we research and comment on current policy issues in commodities; we address issues of concern to the community, business, and government.

Commodities are a crucial and essential part of the economy. We are living in a time of dynamic change in the ways that we use and produce commodities, with important ongoing issues ranging from the impact of global warming to environmental standards.

The JPMCC and the University of Colorado partner with the business community and other stakeholders, to deliver students trained in the business of commodities, to carry out cutting edge research, and to support public debate on government policy issues in commodities.

To learn more about the JPMCC and its activities, please explore our website or contact us via email Commodities.Center@ucdenver.edu or phone: 303-315-8019

Thank you!

Yosef Bonaparte

Associate Professor of Finance, Director of the J.P Morgan Center for Commodities
CU Denver Business School, University of Colorado Denver

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