Tom Brady

Prior to being named the Executive Director of the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, Dr. Thomas Brady was the Chief Economist at Newmont Mining Corporation where he was responsible for generating key commodity price, foreign exchange and other financial assumptions used throughout the company. In this role, Dr. Brady also developed methods to effectively quantify and communicate the economic impact of Newmont’s operations to host communities and countries. Prior to this position, Dr. Brady led Newmont’s Strategic Planning function that developed and implemented portfolio modeling analytics.


Before Newmont, Dr. Brady was a Senior Manager at Risk Capital Management, a consultancy that advised energy and natural resource companies on financial risk, valuation and commodity hedging. He has also worked with CQG, Inc. where he developed a suite of automated trading systems for commodity futures contracts using the company’s short-term, price and volume charting methods. He holds a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics with research emphases in commodity markets from the Colorado School of Mines. In addition, Dr. Brady holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics, also from the Colorado School of Mines.




Yosef Bonaparte

Yosef Bonaparte, PhD, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 with his dissertation "Essays in Dynamic Household Finance with Heterogeneous Agents." His main research interest is in Political finance and asset pricing. In particular, he examines how political climate and political affiliation influence portfolio choice and the stock market in general. One of his asset pricing papers is forthcoming at top Economics and Finance Journal, Journal of Monetary Economics, and one behavioral finance article is forthcoming at Journal of Financial Economics. His work was also cited in the top media outlets in the world like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC, CNBC, MarketWatch, and at a top Israeli cable program.


Recently, Bonaparte emphases on commodity issues, especially on oil prices and volatility. Specifically, Bonaparte wrote 3 articles where the first one presents an improved commodity price uncertainty index that includes information from news articles and social media. Bonaparte demonstrates the superior performance of our new index compared to existing indexes that do not include news and social media information. Another paper focuses on oil prices, specifically examines how geopolitical issues influence oil prices. 




Jian Yang

Jian Yang is the J.P. Morgan endowed chair and Research Director at the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities as well as the discipline director of finance at University of Colorado Denver. Yang is recognized as one of most prolific authors in finance during past 50 years based on core finance journal publications, and one of 15 commodities-friendly professors in the world. In addition to his research in finance that is featured by New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post and CNBC, and over 40 medial outlets in total, Yang’s research on commodities has been cited in policy publications by World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, OECD, and presented by invitation to government agencies and major commodity exchanges, including US EIA, China Futures Association, and Shanghai Futures Exchange, among others.


Yang’s expertise on commodities attracts extensive media attention. His media articles (about 120) feature JPMCC in several dozen countries in multiple languages, including prominent English media outlets such as Reuters, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, World Finance magazine (U.K.), China Daily (global and U.S. editions, its European Weekly in the U.K. and African Weekly in Kenya), Australian Financial Review, and RT (the Russian international television network). The media articles are also published in major Chinese-language media outlets: Economic Daily, China National Radio, and China Securities Journal, with some of them posted on the official websites of the Chinese Central Government and its national government agencies.



Erica Hyman

Erica joined the JPMCC team as Program Manager in February 2020. Erica is responsible for commodities course administration, marketing, and student outreach. Previously, Erica worked at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. She has a BA in English Literature and Spanish Language from the University of Michigan.