Diversify your knowledge and build a career that withstands any energy trend. A decade of educating leaders, our curriculum cuts across all energy sectors from power to renewables to oil and gas. 

Program highlights

Your education should enhance your career, not disrupt it. From day one, you’ll apply what you’re learning in the classroom to your work. In 18 months, you will graduate with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead your company into the next era. 

Our model connects business, leadership, and industry expertise. No matter what class you’re taking, energy is the central theme.

Energy experts at your fingertips

Through our Executive in Residence program, three c-suite executives interact with each cohort. You’ll build relationships with these industry leaders and hear their career advice, and opinions on the industry.

Group conversation in a GEM course

Mooc logoFREE Course: Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future

Learn about the electric utility industry and get behind-the-scenes information not covered in the news, on social media or even in other businesses. At the end of the course, you will be armed with knowledge to make better energy choices for your home and business.

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