Welcome to the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities (JPMCC)

Under our mission which encompasses the business side of commodities, the JPMCC is uniquely positioned as a collaboration between the business and academia across the broad agriculture, metals, and energy commodity sectors. Our goals to accomplish this mission include:

  • Commodity Business Education:  Through undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, we prepare students to enter, advance, and succeed in their careers across the wide commodity sector by providing exposure to practical and quantitative business skills;
  • Applied Commodity Research: We conduct practical commodity-related research that seeks to bridge academic research and business practitioners; and
  • Commodity-Related Public Forums & Discourse:  We aim to provide non-partisan, physical, and virtual locations where varying views on commodity issues, policies, and new ideas may be shared and debated in a public setting.

Commodities are critical to our everyday lives and essential for our global economies.  We are living in a period of dynamic change in how commodities are used and produced, with important ongoing issues ranging from increasing global demand to the impact of global warming and increasing environmental standards.  We strive to deliver education and research to meet these challenges.

On behalf of our Leadership, Research, and Industry Advisory Council team members, we appreciate your interest in the Center.

Explore our website to learn more about the Center and our offerings: