Our industry partners have generously provided scholarships for students with an interest in commodities education. 


Commodities Graduate Certificate Scholarship

For students pursuing the online non-degree graduate certificate focused on the study of commodity and trading industries.

Award amount: $8,000 split across three courses. 

Criteria: Open to all students who will complete the non-degree graduate certificate. Applicants must submit a resume and essay.


Students only need to apply once at the start of the certificate program.

MS Finance / MBA Specialization Scholarship

For students currently pursuing a Commodities Specialization in the Business School MS Finance or Professional MBA programs.

Award amount: Up to $3,000 per graduate CMDT course.

Criteria: Open to all students with at least a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must submit a resume and essay.


Students will need to apply each semester they are taking CMDT courses.

Individual Course Scholarship

For students taking a one-off commodities course for professional development or as a CU Denver student pursuing a degree in another college on campus.

Award amount: Up to $1,500 per graduate CMDT course.

Criteria: Open to all students with at least a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must submit a resume and essay.


Students will need to apply each semester they are taking a CMDT course.

Application Deadlines

Spring A: January 17, 2024

Spring B: March 12, 2024

  1. When are applications reviewed? Applications are reviewed twice during the application period. For Fall A 2023, the applications will be reviewed during the first week of August and again after the final application deadline of August 22.

  2. How are scholarship decisions communicated? Students will be notified of the status of their application via the email address submitted on the application.

  3. Will students know the status of their application prior to the add/drop deadline? Yes, students will know if they have been awarded a scholarship prior to the add/drop deadline so they can plan to pay tuition accordingly. The add/drop deadline (census date) is a week after the start of classes.

  4. If awarded a scholarship, when will the scholarship be applied to the student's account? The scholarship will be applied after the add/drop deadline to ensure students are enrolled in the course. Please note it can take the scholarship office 2-4 weeks to process the scholarship and post it to the student's account. Ideally, the scholarship will be applied prior to the university's tuition due date, however, in some cases, students may have to pay the tuition upfront, and once the scholarship is applied, they will receive a tuition refund. 

  5. How is the scholarship disbursed for Commodities Graduate Certificate Students? Students who receive the $8,000 scholarship for the Commodities Graduate Certificate will have the funds divided up over the three courses required to complete the certificate: Class 1 & 2 - $1,750/course and Class 3 - $4,500. Essentially, the tuition for the last course is fully covered by the scholarship, minus university fees. Graduate certificate students only apply once for the scholarship, and the funds will automatically be applied to their account as they enroll in classes after the add/drop deadline. Please note, in order to receive the full scholarship award, you must maintain at least 3.0 GPA. 

  6. If obtaining the Specialization in Commodities in the MS Finance or Professional MBA programs, do students need to apply for the scholarship each term? Yes, students pursuing the Specialization in Commodities will need to submit a new scholarship application before the start of each term (Spring A, Spring B, Fall A, Fall B). This is to ensure students are in good academic standing and are still on track to complete the specialization in the MS Finance or Professional MBA program.

  7. What requirements are needed to complete the Graduate Commodities Certificate? Students must take 3 courses (9 credit hours), one of which must be Foundations of Commodities (CMDT 6802) as well as have at least a 3.0 GPA.

  8. If a student receives a scholarship for a course and drops it after the add/drop period, are they responsible for repaying the scholarship? Yes, if a student withdraws from the course after the add/drop period, the scholarship money received towards the course tuition will be revoked, and the student will be responsible for the full tuition of the course.

  9. If only taking one-off CMDT courses (not the graduate certificate of specialization), do students need to apply each term? Yes, students who are taking one-off CMDT courses need to submit a scholarship application for each term they plan to enroll in a CMDT course.

Please contact Erica Hyman (, with any questions.