Schedule of Learning Opportunities



New Courses begin June 3 | 8 weeks | Online

Deepen your understanding of commodities markets with this 100% online, for-credit certificate. This program is designed for students who want to explore the commodity sector, learn from professors with deep-industry experience, and develop an in-demand set of practical business skills. *Scholarships available

June Course Offerings:

Carbon Markets: Navigating the Future of Business (CMDT 6710) -  This course will introduce carbon markets in all their forms and elaborate on policies, trade, reporting, and tracking. It will demonstrate the value of carbon management to the bottom line, allowing participants to apply learnings to new and developing business strategies practically.

Foundations of Commodities (CMDT 6802) -  An introduction to the physical aspects of commodities, connecting them to the financial markets in which commodities are traded. Fundamental concepts and terminology necessary for understanding commodity production, transportation, economics, financial analysis, and marketing are described. Agriculturre, mining/minerals, and energy are all covered.

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July 12 – Sept. 21 | 10 weeks | 100% Online

Graduate energy courses begin for our Graduate Energy Certificate and Master of Science degree. Gain practical knowledge and tangible skills in key areas: leadership and decision making as well as the technical aspects of energy science. 


September 16-20 | In-person | Denver, CO

Learn how to navigate the highly complex landscape of commercial negotiations with this in-person, one week course.  Students will learn how to identify key value drivers and their impact on project economics and maturation. They will become proficient in the development of negotiation and engagement strategies, mapping key stakeholders, building successful negotiating teams, and managing those teams. 

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September 24 - October 4

Spending nine full days in Japan, students will examine the country’s advanced industrial and transportation networks, its scarcity of resources for domestic fossil energy production, and the development of local renewable and nuclear power.

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October 4-5 | In-person

The People, Purpose, Energy Summit is hosted twice a year and brings energy executives, thoughtleaders, influencers, and future game-changers together for two days to discuss, learn, and share solutions to today’s most pressing energy topics.