Dr. Kelly See

Dr. Kelly See
PhD, Duke University


Dr. See is a tenured Associate Professor of Management in the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver. She is an award-winning researcher and has extensive experience delivering interactive skill development courses to working professionals at CU Denver, New York University, the Wharton School, and Duke University. Before academia, she was a consultant and research analyst in Washington, DC. 

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Being a successful negotiator is both an art and a science. 

This course is being rescheduled.

This hands-on workshop will expand your managerial negotiation skills by mixing theory and practice, using role-playing exercises in which participants negotiate with each other. The exercises cover a range of negotiation contexts that provide the opportunity to develop and discuss effective strategies to attain better outcomes.

The workshop will highlight and break down the components of negotiation and provide a systematic approach to follow when preparing for any negotiation.

You will also receive very unique feedback in this course that is not typically available in real life, such as how you performed in each negotiation simulation, relative to other people in your same role with the same constraints:

  • how successful you were in maximizing the potential value in the negotiation
  • how you were perceived by the other party with whom you negotiated
  • These sources of feedback are vital for honing and developing your skills and style.

Becoming the kind of negotiator who can generate win-win solutions and buy-in for ideas is critical to get solutions accepted and implemented by others in the workplace. And because negotiations occur in so many parts of life, your experience in this workshop can not only develop your professional skills but also improve your effectiveness in other life domains.

Workshop participants will receive
a verified digital Certificate of Completion
from the CU Denver Business School


Program Benefits and Takeaways

  • Expand your capabilities as a negotiator and make better deals for yourself and your organization
  • Prepare systematically for any negotiation
  • Structure value-creating deals that involve multiple, complex issues
  • Identify your tendency toward a particular negotiation style and increase self-awareness
  • Get to the underlying interests of others in order to devise creative solutions
  • Adjust your negotiation strategy to the demands of the situation
  • Practice negotiating as a way to expand on your existing skills
  • In-Person Delivery

You will learn from the same experienced faculty who teach in our MBA degree programs. This workshop will be offered on the CU Denver campus in the heart of downtown Denver with a limited number of participants to ensure maximum connection and engagement.

Who Should Attend

This is an open enrollment (non-degree) workshop for executives and other senior managers in private firms, government agencies, military, medical professions, or nonprofits who want to improve their negotiation performance and outcomes, as well as entrepreneurs and other professionals working in M&A, sales and marketing, HR, or who are managing talent as agents. Those who are transitioning into a role in which they will need these negotiation skills will also benefit.

All candidates must understand written and spoken English and participate actively in negotiations and discussions in English.

Program Fees

Program Fee Varies. Upon enrolling, you will receive an electronic packet of optional resources to enhance your experience in the workshop. Lunch will be provided on days 1 and 2. Discount available for CU Denver business alumni and/or multiple attendees from the same organization.