Layoffs leave scars for survivors, too

No one likes a layoff. But workers and researchers agree that some approaches are preferable to others. Dr. Wayne Cascio speaks with U.S. News and World Report about how to cope as a layoff survivor. 



Kelly E. See’s research studies effects of hierarchical structure on different stages of innovation

The notion that more hierarchically structured organizations diminish innovation is widely accepted by the business community and many scholars. However, Kelly E See, PhD, assistant professor of Management, found that in certain stages of the innovation process, it’s more beneficial to have a vertical hierarchical structure rather than a flatter structure.

beggar on street

CU Denver Business School professor takes big leap in macromarketing research

Unresolved issues around begging exist in almost every city around the world. Senior Instructor Francisco Conejo was walking down 16th Street in Denver when he was personally confronted with it. As a researcher, he decided to use his expertise in macromarketing to advance the literature around begging, specifically identifying the structural origins of begging in Denver.

Doctor looking at chart.

Michael Mannino outlines how identifying similarities between patients and their medical histories can drive more informed physician decisions.

Although the healthcare industry has large databases of medical histories, medical professionals underutilize this potential resource. Medical professionals lack tools to compare medical histories of patients and use medical histories to improve decision-making. To address this gap, Michael Mannino, associate professor of Information Systems, developed a research agenda to utilize medical histories in physician decision-making.

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