The J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities' industry partners are key entities in the commodities area, including representatives from banking and investment firms, energy, mining, agriculture, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), exchanges and Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), among others. Our industry partners provide scholarships, internships, experiential learning, field trips and advice to keep the educational programs for both academics and professionals grounded in current business practice.

  • David Alfano
    VP Risk Management
    Cargill Incorporated
  • Antony Bahr                      
    Executive VP, Corporate Agriculture Group          
  • Fiona Boal
    Global Head of Commodities & Real Assets
    S&P Dow Jones Indices
  • Jeff Bornmann                
    Trinidad Benham Corporation
  • Chris Calger                       
    Managing Director          
    J.P. Morgan
  • Kartik Ghia                         
    Researcher - Systematic Strategies          
    Bloomberg LP
  • David Green 
    Manager, Head of Energy Trading
    Xcel Energy
  • Bob Greer                          
    Sr. Advisor         
    CoreCommodity Management, LLC
  • Jodie Gunzberg
    Managing Director of CoinDesk Indexes
    CoinDesk Inc.
  • Tad Herz                             
    Executive VP & CFO        
    FourPoint Energy & LongPoint Minerals
  • Wouter Jacobs
    Exec. Director, Commodity Trade & Supply Networks
    Erasmus University
  • Daniel Jerrett                  
    Co-Founder & CIO
    Stategy Capital LP
  • Nic Johnson
    Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
  • Matt Kelsall                       
    Manager, Strategic Finance        
    Newmont Corporation
  • Simon Kohler                    
  • Julie A. Lerner
    PanXchange, Inc.
  • Chris Lewand
    Senior Managing Director            
    FTI Consulting
  • Mike Miller                        
    VP Risk Management    
    Ardent Mills
  • Patricia Mosely                
    Director, Business Intelligence  
    CME Group
  • Peter O'Neill
    Director, Risk Analytics
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
  • Bluford Putnam               
    Managing Director and Chief Economist                
    CME Group
  • Saad Rahim
    Chief Economist
  • Ron Schnur                        
    Senior Director        
    Integrated Supply Chain Consultants
  • Fred Seamon                    
    Executive Director in Agricultural Markets            
    CME Group
  • Karl Skold
    Head of Agricultural Economics
  • George Solich                   
    President & CEO              
    FourPoint Energy & LongPoint Minerals
  • Sven Streitmayer                            
    Director, Commodity Risk Management & Trading            
  • Hilary Till                             
    Premia Education, Inc.
  • Lance Titus                         
    Managing Director          
    Uniper Global Commodities
  • Bruce Turner     
    Director Central Portfolio Management
  • Sharon Weintraub
    Senior VP, gas and power trading international
  • Jim Zadvorny                    
    VP, Marketing (US-Canada)