Business Student Ambassador Committee (BSAC)

BASC committee 2019

The Business Student Ambassador Committee's (BSAC) mission is to serve as the face of the student body, representing the Business School in a professional manner. Members are selected for their dedication to academics, commitment to leadership, and foresight in preparing for their professional careers.


As a member, you will be provided resources that promote student leadership within the CU Denver Business community and establish relationships with students, alumni, and the community. Through social outreach and diverse community experiences, you will be able to create new relationships, nurture existing connections, and learn how to thrive with confidence in a dynamic business environment.

About the Club

BSAC meets once a month for a general meeting to discuss and plan future events for the club. These events are planned by one of the four committees that make up BSAC:

Enrichment: The purpose of the Enrichment subcommittee is to promote the intragroup wealth of knowledge, skills and experience.  This can be accomplished through many avenues: bringing in guest speakers, setting up shadow days with business leaders, and facilitating training sessions to enhance the committee-at-large’s skill-set.

Finance: The purpose of the Finance subcommittee is to oversee all fundraising, collection of dues and allocation of committee funds. Keeping track of money at events and getting it to Student Life in a timely manner. The Finance subcommittee’s success determines the club’s ability to hold events and activities.

Social: The purpose of the Social subcommittee is to coordinate all committee social activities to include community service projects, parties, and other events.  One of the main objectives of the Social subcommittee is to facilitate intragroup networking as well as improving camaraderie.

Recruiting: The purpose of the Recruiting subcommittee is to oversee all recruiting efforts from marketing the recruiting period through final interviews.  The Recruiting subcommittee will also be charged with ensuring all new Ambassadors receive an orientation.

Examples of some events put on by BSAC are; a Leadership Panel Event with three business executives and over 100 attendees, a hike at Red Rocks, multiple dinners, and hosting a juice bar in the business building.

How to Apply

BSAC applicants are required to submit an online application, unofficial transcript, cover letter, and resume. Within one week after you are interviewed, BSAC will notify you of the status of your membership.

Requirements to be a member:

  • A business student with at least one year remaining in their time at CU Denver
  • Hold at least a 2.5 GPA for undergraduate applicants and 3.0 GPA for graduate applicants
  • Submit a $20 per semester fee 
  • Attend monthly meetings

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the club or would like to know more, please reach out to our Our officers monitor this email weekly, so we will be sure to answer any questions you have. We have a MyLynx account, so you can message us through there. However, we recommend using our email address. You can also find us on Facebook!