Energy Graduate Certificate

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Cost: $4,500 per class + university fees 

As an applicant, please fill out the online application as follows:

  1. Select: Graduate Non-degree application
  2. Under Academic Interests:
    1. Select: Certificate
    2. Select: Online
    3. Certificate: Business School Certificate
    4. Subplan: Global Energy Management

For any questions, please contact our Global Energy Management team at

Start your application as a non-degree student

Deepen your understanding of the global energy marketplace

Coursework and assignments are focused on the energy industry and provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately. Students take three courses to complete the certificate, all of which are 100% online and can be rolled into the Master of Science degree.

These certificates are excellent options for individuals who:

  May not be ready to commit to a full-time degree program

  Already hold an advanced degree

  Are seeking in-depth continuing education credits for their professional discipline

  Looking to transition within or into energy

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What options do I have for my Energy Graduate Certificate?

Within the graduate certificate, there are optional pathways that can be completed in specific energy areas. They include: