A view from the top

No other energy-focused graduate business program has such a robust and well-developed integration of active executive participation with students’ learning. 

The GEM Executive in Residence program creates a collaborative learning environment providing you with access to the deep knowledge and expertise that energy executives have gained throughout their careers.

You'll have in-person access every time you're on-campus as well as during the online session of the quarter through weekly discussion boards. Executives also serve as special project advisors as you complete your projects and coursework. Throughout your time with GEM, you'll have access to seven different executives. Those interactions help you:

  •   understand the decision-making processes energy leaders utilize not only to run an organization
  •   know how to identify high-potential performers
  •   receive career advice to guide your decisions
  •   build your own executive presence

GEM students have the opportunity to engage with the executives in a multitude of formats including:

  • In-person class lectures
  • Individual meetings
  • Lunches
  • Social events

Our executives

We strive for a balanced representation of seasoned leaders across all sectors of the industry to provide students with a well-rounded education.