Study abroad in the insurance capital of the world

RMI in London: Global Risk Management

A unique international course for undergraduate and graduate business and risk management students, you'll be immersed in the field of global risk management and insurance. The course is designed to study how risk is transferred globally. In the two weeks of class in Denver, the class is broken down into a series of class lectures, presentations, and discussions. The class will then travel to London for a week, which is home to many of the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers. You'll visit and have presentations from insurance brokers, companies, Lloyds of London, and reinsurers.

RISK 6509/4509 Course Objectives

The design of the course is to follow the insurance transaction from the United States through the standard markets, surplus lines markets, and reinsurance markets. Benefits include:

  • Dynamic guest speakers both locally and in London
  • Experience first-hand how risk is transferred globally
  • Interact with insurance professionals who transact business throughout the world

Learning outcomes include:

  • Become aware of global insurance issues
  • Develop confidence and ability to interact with high-level executives
  • Comprehend and articulate the scope of global risk insurance
  • Prepare to step into a risk manager’s role

This class has been one of the best possible motivations for my future career in the Risk Management and Insurance industy. It is a fast paced learning process that opened my mind to parts of the industry that I didn't even know existed. It helped me develop professionally, allowed me to see the world, and was an engaging experience. Thanks for the opportunity.
— Randal Maestas, RMI BSBA student