Paid Internships in the Risk Management and Insurance field

RMI Paid Internships

One of the significant features of the RMI Program is an internship. 

Undergraduate RMI students are required to complete an RMI internship to graduate. Internships are optional for graduate students but can present great opportunities and even lead to career changes.

By working directly with the RMI External Relations Coordinator, you are paired with an employer that best meets your interest and the employer's needs. Most of the provided internships are paid positions with wages averaging $14/hour. Internships often progress to part-time and full-time positions.

You could work for an insurance carrier as an underwriter or loss adjuster, for a public or private entity, as a risk manager, or work at an independent agency. The opportunities are varied and may be local or national.

Several of our former students have completed two or more internships, though you only have to register for a single three-credit internship. Multiple internships can teach you more about the RMI industry and help you find a position that is the right fit after graduation.

What our graduates say

I  absolutely loved the Risk Management and Insurance Program and all of the opportunities it has been able to provide. The classes and professors provided exceeded my expectations in material and support. The RMI Program helped me gain experience in the field by helping me find my internship with the United States Olympic Committee. My internship taught me so much about the industry and helped me improve on my own knowledge and work habits. I am very lucky to have graduated from such a great program filled with amazing professors, classes and peers.

- Alex Sampson, RMI Graduate


Employers: Would you like to find an RMI Intern?
If you are an RMI employer who is considering a CU Denver student for an internship, please contact us. Please refer to our Employer Guide to Internships for more details. Please know that we do our best to ensure that we match you with the right student.

We were very impressed with the depth of knowledge that our intern had from day one on the job. She asked intelligent questions, saw the big picture in regard to insurance coverage and risk management, and is excited and ready for a career in this great industry!

- Pam Adams, CEO, ISU I​nsurance​

Employer guide to internships