Get an up close look at the Risk Management and Insurance industry by joining us for Shadow Day

RMI Shadow Day

Every semester, the RMI program hosts a Shadow Day to introduce students to the risk management and insurance industry. Local chapters of the CPCU Society and the RIMS Society partner with the program and send students out into the workforce for a half-day to a day-long experience. We accept all CU Denver Business School students who are interested in the experience. More than 40 students are hosted at various employers, ranging from small independent insurance agencies to large international brokerage firms.

Benefiting both students and employers

Past students have garnered internship opportunities at the conclusion of their day while others have later interviewed for full-time employment with their Shadow Day host. Sometimes the Shadow Day host has forwarded a student’s resume to one of their industry partners.

Employers also appreciate the opportunity to showcase their companies to interested students. The RMI industry is expected to experience a significant amount of employee retirements in the next decade. That's why employers are planning ahead and seeking new, young talent.

A typical shadow day

Employers typically host you for an entire day. You might have access to different departments, such as claims, marketing, underwriting, loss control, sales, risk management, and service centers. You should be exposed to a wide variety of employees from recent graduates to upper-level executives. Depending on your career goals, we try and connect you with employees who already have or are working on his or her CPCU designation. You'll be able to witness daily operations of the business including:

  • Client contacts
  • Sales presentations
  • Audits
  • Loss control visits

Student experiences

All-in-all, I would certainly recommend the RMI Shadow Day to any student who thinks they may be interested in getting into the industry. There are many more types of positions available than I would have thought, and there is tremendous growth potential.

- Tyghe Boone-Worthington, Undergraduate student

This was an amazing experience. The fast pace kept me engaged, and the employees I shadowed were excited about their positions, quite tenured, and very educational. I am extremely grateful for the time both companies gave me, and for you organizing all these opportunities! I look forward to participating in upcoming events as well!"
- Skylar Rick, Graduate student