An intensive training camp of future talent

America’s fascination with sports entertainment has fostered a huge industry. Education that bridges the gap between sports and business is critical to success in the sports management arena.

Mark Carleton
Senior Vice President, Liberty Media
Sports and Entertainment Advisory Council Member

Vocal artists, top Olympians, and all-star athletes are made in Colorado. As a top-20 media market, the Rocky Mountain region is growing in prominence in the sports and entertainment field, and companies are raising their hiring expectations. Job candidates who come with specialized industry knowledge—who speak the language—stand out and get noticed.

Degrees Offered: BS MBA Specialization MS in Management MS in Marketing Post-Graduate Certificate

Informed by an advisory council of sports and entertainment executives, the Sports and Entertainment Business program is an intensive training camp of future talent. Students are exposed to the latest in new media, real-estate development, marketing, ethics and finance. They leave prepared to make an impact and get ahead quickly in a fast-growing sector of the economy.

The sports industry accounts for more than $700 billion every year, and it is quickly converging with the entertainment industry. Beneath the surface glamour of these industries, serious business is taking place. Sports teams employ executive officers just like Fortune 500 companies do. It takes a team of seasoned professionals to organize a world concert tour.

Emerging leaders in this field need to have a broad business background and specialized knowledge. The Sports and Entertainment Business program provides this specialized knowledge, and the Business School provides an ideal location to put it into action. Denver has eight professional sports teams, and the CU Denver campus is located within two miles of five major stadiums, arenas, and entertainment complexes.

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