Here's what you need to know about CU Denver's Safe Return to Campus.


CU Denver is planning a flexible return to campus designed to keep our community safe, ensure our students’ ongoing success, and innovate for the future. CU Denver offers detailed plans and information about the Safe Return to campus, including Frequently Asked Questions and regular updates, on the Safe Return to Campus website.

Safe Return to Campus website

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Business School Specific Information

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The Business School health check-in station will be open 7 am to 7 pm Monday thru Thursday. On Fridays, please use the health check-in station at the CU Building 7:15 – 8:30 am and 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Allow a minimum of 15 minutes for check-in.

When you arrive, you will report to the health check-in station at the Lawrence Street entrance. When you arrive at the health check-in station, be ready to show proof of your daily health attestation. When you complete the daily health attestation, you will receive an email confirmation. Please have the email confirmation ready to show at the health check-in. 

If you come to campus and a health check-in station is not open, you may still enter the Business School but please complete the health attestation and keep the email confirmation on your phone.

At all times in the Business School building, you must display:

  1. The daily/current bracelet obtained from completing the health screening,

  2. Your CU Denver I.D. visible in a lanyard or clip-on I.D. holder, and

  3. A mask that covers your nose and mouth.

Landing Zone and Computer Labs

A landing zone will be provided on the 5th floor of the Business School on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be conscious of your time in the landing zone and share the area with others. Please obey all posted signage about social distancing and cleaning procedures.

The Business School will have one computer lab open for Business School students, BUS-2403, which contains six computers.  No general access computer labs will be available in the Business School. General access computer labs can be found in the North Classroom Building.

Health and Safety Protocol in the Business School 

Please observe social distancing and health and safety signs throughout the building. 

It is preferable to use the stairs. Please stay to the right and maintain at least 6 feet from the person in front and behind you. 

Only two persons may use an elevator at one time.

While walking through the building, please stay to the right whenever possible. 

When entering and exiting classrooms, please follow the designated entry and exit doors. 

After entering the classrooms, please be seated from the back rows and then toward the front row. When exiting the classroom, leave the classroom from the front row to the rear, like seating on an airplane. 

When entering the classroom, please find a spray bottle with disinfectant and wipes, and clean your table before and after class. 

OIT helpdesk

The OIT Service Desk is your main point of contact for technology-related questions.

If you need help with Business School resources, please email The Business School Helpdesk

 Do you need a laptop?

Apply for CARES act technology help or contact Student Success for more help.


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