Financial Energy Management Certificate Pathway

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Cost: $4,500 per class

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This graduate certificate pathway provides students with the opportunity to sharpen hard business skills in the areas of accounting and financial management. Coursework and assignments are focused on the energy industry, providing students with immediate applicability to current job responsibilities.

10-week courses. 100% online.

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Choose three of the following courses:

Introduction to Financial Management in the Global Energy Market
GEMM 6600: Introduction to fundamental principle of asset valuation and financing in competitive global markets. Providing the tools necessary to analyze day-to-day financial issues in the energy industry (time value of money, valuation of income streams, risk-weighted investment returns.) Topics such as risk management, arbitrage, hedging, and foreign exchange will be covered. Repeatable. 

When can I take this course?

  • Spring 2023: April 14 - June 24, 2023

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Trends in Energy and Commodities
GEMM 6420: Introduction to the fundamental concepts and terminology associated with Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG). The evolution of climate change and ESG will be reviewed in terms of policies and metrics. The critical need commodities (agricultural, energy, minerals, and metals) are studied to support more realistic views and opinions on climate change and ESG. An overarching goal is that students completing the course will have a sound understanding of ESG-related policies and standards, the measuring metrics, and the benefits and costs associated with potential future trends.

When can I take this course?

  • Spring 2023: January 13 - March 24, 2023
  • Fall 2023: July 14 - September 22, 2023

Global Energy Economics
GEMM 6100: Course includes energy geo-economics with and introduction to managerial tools of the trade. Topics will include world energy markets-demand and supply; refining and marketing, energy forecasts, oil and gas transportation, and National Oil Companies vs. International Oil Companies. An introduction to environmental economics will also help students connect the energy industry to sustainable work practices. In addition students will learn the geographic distribution of energy resources worldwide along with the political and government systems associated with those resources. 

When can I take this course?

  • Fall 2023: July 14 - September 22, 2023


Managerial Accounting in the Global Markets
GEMM 6500: The course builds a basic understanding of how to convey to decision-makers, in and out of the firm, information about its resources. Emphasis on; analysis of income statements, balance sheets, statements, and cash flows (historical financial accounting information) with specific coverage of cost-volume-profit, variance, forecasting, joint interest accounting, and measurement of divisional performance. 

When can I take this course?

  • Fall 2023: July 14 - September 22, 2023


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