International Business Student Network (IBSN)

Students-from-ibsnThe International Business Student Network (IBSN) is a student organization that brings student interests in international business together with executives, government officials and organizations conducting high-levels of international business. Members include alumni, current graduate and undergraduate students from CU Denver and the CU system. IBSN events are open to all members and CU students. IBSN is always open to questions about international business.

Member benefits

Membership consists of over 250 students. In addition to host monthly forums featuring international business executives, government officials, and alumni, ISBN links members to internship and job opportunities. The no-cost membership includes monthly meetings, newsletters, mentorships, job and internship opportunities, and active Facebook page.

  • Network with executives, government officials and organizations conducting international business
  • Get answers to questions about international business careers
  • Participate in Informational programs presented by leaders in international business
  • Links members to internship and job opportunities through PIIE (Pathways to International Internships and Employment)
  • Receive invitations to attend International Executive Roundtables and other programs hosted by The Institute for International Business and CIBER

You'll also be able to develop your skill set. Activities and include:

  • Help plan and execute events
  • Gain time management and organization skills
  • Participate in international c-suite level meetings
  • Learn about doing business in and with other cultures and countries

Benefits of becoming an officer

Officers have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty advisor, meet top executives, and attend Colorado business functions. You'll work closely with the Student Government Association and gain valuable lessons in leadership. It'll enhance your resume and you'll be recognized at graduation for your efforts.

How to become a member or ask questions

To apply, please send us a request via MyLynx and email Faculty Advisor and Professor Merrily Kautt at You can also sign up on our Facebook account to see more about what our club is up to.

Any questions about the club can be sent to Merrily Kautt at