Jake Jabs Event Center
CU Denver Business School
First Floor
1475 Lawrence St,
Denver CO 80202

The Jake Jabs Event Center is an educational facility owned and managed by the University of Colorado Denver Business School. The building is not open to use by the public, except as expressly provided in the policies of the University of Colorado Denver. Use by external organizations must be affiliated or sponsored by an internal school, college, department, or as expressly permitted by these policies. All events in the building shall be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the educational missions and programs of the University of Colorado Denver and local, state and federal law.


Furniture available to use within the space:

  • Event chairs (300)
  • 5' Banquet Rounds, each sit 8 people (17)
  • 36" High Top Tables (10)
  • 7' x 24" Classroom tables with connected power (23)
  • 6' x 8' x 16" (H) Risers including skirt and steps (2)
  • 8' & 6' Banquet Tables for food service (3 each)
  • Soft panel seating
  • Event Podium/Lectern in each section
  • Coat racks

This versatile space allows you to choose a set-up that works best for your event design. Please see the diagrams.

  • Full Theater - 300 seats
  • Half Theater - 160 seats
  • Banquet - 136 seats
  • Reception - 450 standing with high tops
  • Classroom Style - 69 seats with tables

NOTE: capacities fluctuate depending on set-up style requested, location of food displays, risers, etc.

Event Center reservations will automatically include 1 hour of set-up and 1 hour of break-down time for the user. Room set-up requested will be completed prior to this set-up time. If you require more than 1 hour on either end of your event time, please note that in your reservation request so it can be added if available.

The event center is equipped with state of the art audio-visual capabilities. The use of this equipment is included with the room reservation.

  • Three drop-down projector screens each with ceiling mounted high resolution LED projectors
  • One 3x3 confidence monitor for use in classroom style or to present event information
  • Handheld wireless, wired and lavaliere microphones with adjustable mixer
  • Three pan-tilt cameras with video conferencing capabilities via Zoom.
  • Two Podiums 

In-house audiovisual tech support will be provided with each room reservation. This includes the set-up, soundcheck and break down. It DOES NOT include event staffing. An AV tech will be available on call, but if you require an AV tech* to be present during the entire event, an additional hourly fee will be required. *Subject to staff availability

Requests for AV needs/equipment other than what is provided standard will need to be requested via the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and will incur additional fees.

External Vendors. If you are considering an external vendor for AV support please note that they are only permitted to operate their own equipment. Use of the Event Center equipment must be operated by CU Denver staff only.

Monday – Thursday: 7:00am - 9:30pm Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm Saturday: 7:30am – 5:00pm Sunday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
The Jake Jabs Event Center can be requested to be reserved within the times to the right. Note: Bookings requested outside of these hours are subject to Deans Office approval and will require a Security Guard and will incur an additional fee. The Event Center is not available on holidays that the CU Denver campus is closed.  CU Denver reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone an event due to inclement weather. This includes, but is not limited to, canceling an event when weather conditions do not allow the building to be open and/or prohibits the ability to effectively clear snow for a safe environment.

Priority reservation periods have been established to allow certain groups and events to reserve the Jake Jabs Event Center in advance of others.

You may start reserving space ahead of time, based on your relationship to the Business School.

18 months

  • All Internal Business School Departments & Groups, including D2 programs, for signature events such as orientations, graduations, speaker series etc.
  • The Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship program signature events, including co-sponsored external entity events, such as Denver Start-Up Week

12 months

  • All Internal Business School Departments & Groups for co-sponsored external entity events, provided they meet the required criteria for external use. E.g. conferences, association meetings, partnerships
  • CU Denver Business School Board of Advisors and Advisory Councils for recurring meetings

8 months

  • All other CU Denver | Anschutz Schools and College departments & programs e.g. CLAS, CAM, CEDC, etc
  • Chancellor, Provost, and Board of Regents events

6 months

All other entity requests to reserve the event center will be considered 6 months in advance of the event date, including all other University of Colorado schools, colleges, departments & units.


  • Following the conclusion of the priority reservation periods, reservations from all groups will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If the request includes additional space such as conference rooms or classrooms, the additional space request will be considered based on the scheduling process listed below.
  • All requests are subject to review/approval and conflicting date requests will be reviewed by the Deans Office
  • Meeting or Event Sponsor. All meetings and events (including Student Club meetings) must have a faculty or staff sponsor when reserving space for an event. The sponsor must be present during the entire event, including while vendors/caterers are on site, and the space must be left in its original state.
  • View the full policy details regarding scheduling and utilization of the Business School Space for meetings and events.

The following rates and fees will be assessed for the Jake Jabs Event Center. If you want to learn about the other spaces (auditorium, collaboration commons, executive classroom, computer labs including the JPMCC lab, large classrooms, small classrooms/seminar rooms, and conference rooms) please see the Business School Administrative Policy. 

No fee assessed 

(8hr rental)

Internal CU Denver Business School


  • Business School Departments & Programs, including D2 programs (e.g. RMI, GEM, OYMBA)
  • Business School Affiliated Student Organizations/Clubs who are registered with the Office of Student Life
  • The Business School Alumni Network (BSAN)

Includes use of entire event center inclusive of AV available within the space, housekeeping, use of furniture and set-up/breakdown. Includes a point of contact/AV tech for set-up assistance as needed.

$500 Per Day

(8hr rental)

Internal CU Denver | Anschutz Departments and Programs


  • CU System Office Departments and Units, including the Office of the President
  • All other schools, departments, programs and units of the University of Colorado Campus’ –including CU Boulder, UCCS, CU South Denver
  • Board of Regents

No half-day rate available. Includes use of entire event center inclusive of AV available within the space, housekeeping, use of furniture and set-up/breakdown. Also includes a point of contact/AV tech for set-up assistance as needed.

$500 Per Day

(8hr rental)

Internal University of Colorado Affiliates (CU Boulder, UCCS, CU South, CU System Office)


  • All other University Schools, Departments, Programs and Units with the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz campus, including the Office of the Provost and Chancellor
  • University Student Organizations/Clubs who are registered with the Office of Student Life
  • University Alumni Association
  • University Office of Advancement

No half-day rate available. Includes use of entire event center** inclusive of AV available within the space, housekeeping, use of furniture and set-up/breakdown. Includes a point of contact/AV tech for set-up assistance as needed.

$1250 Per Day

(8hr rental)

External Entities

  • must be co-sponsored by a university department

No half-day rate available. Includes use of entire event center** inclusive of AV available within the space, housekeeping, use of furniture and set-up/breakdown. Includes a point of contact/AV tech for set-up assistance as needed.


Additional services required such as full-time event AV support will be an additional cost.

The Business School reserves the right to utilize event space as efficiently as possible. If the event layout and anticipated attendance is low, one-half of the event center may be allocated.

Once your reservation request is approved you will be contacted to discuss audio-visual needs, room set-up requirements etc. At this time a walk-through appointment may be requested if you would like to view the space.

Full event details, including room layouts and changes, must be received 2 weeks prior to the event start date. Late requests may not be accommodated or may incur a fee.

Food & Beverage

  • The user may hire the caterer of their choice. Preferred vendors can be provided if recommendations are needed.
  • Full-service catering requiring on-site preparation of food will necessitate a walkthrough with the caterer in advance of the event date.
  • Walkthroughs are not required if food is being delivered and not prepared on site.
  • The catering kitchen, if used, must be left clean following the event. The catering kitchen includes a sink, fridge, ice maker, microwave and coffee maker/instant hot water (must bring own coffee and to brew).
  • All leftover food and catering equipment must be removed promptly from the kitchen and food tables following the event.
  • All waste should be placed in provided receptacles that will be emptied by the building’s cleaning crew each evening.
  • The party reserving the space will be responsible for any additional/excessive cleaning fees assessed.
  • The CU Denver representative must be present at all times when a caterer is on site.
  • Lit Sterno fuel cannot be left unattended at any time.

Alcohol Consumption on Premises

  • The Jake Jabs Event Center is NOT a licensed premise.
  • Alcohol is permitted in the event center as long as university policies are followed.
    • You will be required to provide your approved Events with Alcohol (EWA) form before any event with alcohol is confirmed in the space
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed outside of the Jake Jabs Event Center, at any time.
  • The Business School has appropriate signage that will be scheduled to display if an event with alcohol is approved

See the complete CU Denver alcohol policy.

Deliveries, Loading & Parking

  • Deliveries of materials or equipment prior to an event cannot be received by or stored by the Business School. Please arrange your deliveries to happen during your event reservation time
  • The Business School has a loading zone located on 15th st directly outside of the South West entrance doors.
    • Please note that this loading zone is city regulated and not owned by the Business School
    • There are also parking meters on 15thst that can be utilized if available. Use must pay.
    • The event center may also be accessed by a back alley door with prior approval. Please request use of this if needed during your reservation request
    • We do not have a loading dock
  • The Business School does not have parking available to the user party or guests/attendees


  • The user will not permit anyone to drive any nails, hooks, tacks or screws in any part of the event center or to alter the event center in any respect.
  • The user will not permit anyone to affix any material to the walls, floors, doors or ceilings or to alter the event center in any respect without prior written approval by the Events & Partnerships Team. If the user damages the event center, with or without Events & Partnerships Team approval, the user will pay the cost of repair or replacement.
  • No natural trees, wreaths, boughs or other decorations constructed from the branches of natural trees may be used.
  • Open flames, e.g. candles, are not permitted in any part of the Business School including the Event Center. Sterno cans may not be left unattended
  • We do not provide any table cloths. Table cloths must be used to cover tables when serving food and should be arranged via your caterer or other rental option.

Photo/Film/Video Request – Approval Process

  • CU Denver requires advance approval for students, faculty, staff and outside entities to shoot photos, video or obtain other recordings on university property. A formal request is required and should be submitted as far in advance as possible (not less than two weeks).
    • This process is designed to identify and address any risk and safety concerns along with determining the activity approval.  Depending on the complexity, and/or if the request is from an outside entity, additional forms may be required. Please note, if certain services are required the requestor may be charged fees.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to obtain a permit prior to any cameras being brought into Business School
  • This permit will be required to be provided to the Business School if filming has been identified or is found to be happening. No permit will result in the event being shut down.

Here is a link to the detailed information about the approval process.

All reservation requests for meetings & events must be submitted through our Event Management System EMS. Email requests will be directed to submit via EMS.

The Jake Jabs Event Center can be found using the template

Create a Reservations—>CU Denver—Business School Jake Jabs Event Center

  • Requests will be reviewed within 48 hours. Your room reservation is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation email.
  • Requests within 2 weeks may not be accommodated.
  • Reservation requests within 4 days of the event date will not be allowed via EMS and must be coordinated with the Business School events team by emailing bus.events@ucdenver.edu or calling
    Michaela Erickson (303)315-8460
    or Linda Theus-Lee (303)315-8011
  • You will be contacted four (4) weeks prior to your reservation start date to confirm.
  • Cancellations made within 2 weeks will incur a cancellation fee.