Yosef Bonaparte

Yosef Bonaparte
Associate Professor • Director of External Affairs in Finance • Janus Henderson Research Associate

BUSB 6106

Dr. Yosef Bonaparte is a distinguished professor of finance renowned for his exceptional contributions to both academia and the financial industry. Graduating with a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008, Dr. Bonaparte has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research, particularly in the realms of Fintech, including Crypto, Blockchain, AI, and ML, as well as asset pricing and portfolio choice.

His scholarly impact is exemplified by numerous publications in top-tier finance and economic journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, and the Journal of Monetary Economics, among others. Dr. Bonaparte's research not only advances theoretical understanding but also provides practical insights into the evolving landscape of finance.

In addition to his scholarly articles, Dr. Bonaparte has authored several influential financial innovation and technology books. His publications contribute to understanding Fintech's transformative impact on various aspects of finance.

Dr. Bonaparte's expertise extends beyond the written word, with his works featured prominently in leading media outlets. His insightful analyses and commentary have graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. In addition, he has been a sought-after expert on top finance TV channels, including CNBC and ABC, providing his expertise to a global audience.

A dedicated educator, Professor Bonaparte has enriched the academic experience of countless students. He has taught a diverse range of classes at the Ph.D., Masters, and Undergraduate levels, covering topics such as FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain Investing and Trading, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in Finance, as well as a Ph.D. class in Asset Pricing, Investment, and Robust Trading Strategy.

Dr. Yosef Bonaparte's multidimensional contributions make him a respected figure in the field of finance, bridging the gap between academic rigor and real-world applications.



PhD Financial Economics, University of Texas at Austin

MA Economics and Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin

MA Economics, Haifa University and the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

BA Economics, Haifa University and the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise


AI and ML in Finance

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Behavioral Finance

Asset Pricing

Political Finance


Oil and Energy Commodity



  1. Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance Blockchains and Robust Trading Strategies. Yosef Bonaparte. Cambridge Scholars 2022; ISBN: 1-5275-8932-3; ISBN13: 978-1-5275-8932-2
  2. ESG Investing and Trading: Myths vs Facts. Yosef Bonaparte. Amazon.com. 2023; ISBN: 979-8-9879936-1-3; ISBN13: 979-8-9879936-0-6
  3. The Black Portfolio: from Slavery to the Pursuit of Happiness. Yosef Bonaparte. Amazon.com. 2023; ISBN: 979-8-9879936-4-4
  4. The Federal Reserve, the US' Invisible Hand for World Dominance. Yosef Bonaparte. Cambridge Scholars 2023; ISBN: 1-5275-6171-2; ISBN13: 978-1-5275-6171-7

Selected Articles

  1. Stock Market Ownership Transition (with Alok Kumar and George Korniotis, Alexander Michaelides, Yuxin Zhang) forthcoming at the Management Science.
  2. Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Portfolio Decisions of U.S. Households (with Melina Vosse, Alok Kumar and George Korniotis). Forthcoming 2024 at the Management Science.
  3. Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Valuations and Opportunities. Forthcoming 2024, Finance Research Letter, Volume 60, February 2024, 104851
  4. Why do Stock Markets Negatively Price Democracy? Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money . Volume 91, March 2024
  5. Discrimination and Economic Expectations (with Bazley William, Alok Kumar and George Korniotis) Management Science, November 2023.
  6. Financial Decisions of Minorities Post-2008 (with Sarah Khalaf and George Korniotis). At the Journal of Banking and Finance. Volume 149, April 2023, 106811
  7. Income Hedging and Portfolio Decisions (with Alok Kumar and George Korniotis), Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 113, Issue 2,August 2014, Pages 300-324.
  8. Political Activism, Information Costs, and Stock Market Participation (with Alok Kumar), Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 107, Issue3, March 2013, Pages 760-786.
  9. Consumption Smoothing and Portfolio Rebalancing: The Effects of Adjustment Costs (with Russell Cooper and Guozhong Zhu), Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 59, Issue 8, December 2012, Pages 751-768.
  10. Is Food Consumption a Good Proxy for Nondurable Consumption? (With Frank Fabozzi). Economics Letters, Volume 111, Issue 2, May 2011, Pages 110-112.
  11. Explaining Production Inefficiency in China's Agriculture using Data Envelopment Analysis and Semi- Parametric Bootstrapping (with ZhuoChen and Daniel Monchuk). China Economic Review, Volume 21, November 2010, Pages 346-354.

Crypto and Blockchain Activities


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Professional Activities and Scholarships

  • SEC Expert Witness file S7-12-23
  • Provost Academic Program Viability and Curricular Innovation Working Group- University of Colorado at Denver, 10/2023 - present
  • University of Colorado Denver $100,000 Grand challenge research grant with Dr. Traci Sitzmann, May 2023
  • Winner of the Business School Laube Award 2023
  • University of Colorado at Denver Research award “Pandemic Research & Creative Activities award
  • Chair of Graduate Finance Curriculum Committee – Fall 2020
  • Academic and class development of the Investment Services