Collaborating with the business community is at the heart of the CU Denver Business School’s initiatives and overall strategic direction. As part of the Business School's strategic plan, advancing information technology as a discipline stems from collaborative efforts between academics and business. Center membership is the mechanism for forming long-term, lasting relationships between the Business School and the business community. In return for its annual membership gift, a member company benefits from access to a number of activities and services sponsored by CITI members. In addition, there are many indirect benefits of their association with the University, such as peer networking and organizational visibility to the academic community.

Member involvement helps build a strong infrastructure attracting high-caliber students and faculty to the University and supporting the many activities and services of the institute. A strong, functioning Center generates benefits for all members.

We are here to help organizations take full advantage of IT opportunities through programs of excellence in information interchange, education and research, and through collaborative initiatives.


The Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) is a catalyst for interaction regarding the design, deployment, staffing, and management of information technologies (IT). Its goal is to facilitate a match between academia, private-sector business, and the public sector, where innovative solutions to IT issues can be explored and implemented.  CITI also develops focused programs that address specific high-priority IT issues faced by employers in the region, such as the recruitment, retention and training of IT workers. 

Members are executive business leaders, CIOs, and CTOs from prominent organizations in Colorado; Business School Information Technology faculty; and CU Denver students.

Strategic Plan

  • Support the mission, strategic concepts, and shared values of the Business School
  • Leverage our business community partners and resources to benefit the faculty, student body, and future workforce
  • Work to increase the pipeline of talent
  • Provide quality CITI programs for members, faculty, and students
  • Annually align the CITI strategic plan with member needs and the Business School strategic plan
  • Support faculty with IT speakers and research connections


  • CIOs and CTOs from prominent organizations in Colorado and the Business School IT faculty
  • Membership includes more than 30 Colorado IT executive business leaders
  • Academically focused IT Center facilitating information exchange with business organizations to improve Colorado’s IT workforce


  • Curriculum participation, input to educational and workforce development
  • Annual CIO-Student panel discussion


The Center relies solely on membership dues from its members and potential grants so that its mission and activities can be aligned with the Business School and its members.