Insights from top tech executives in Colorado

Hosted by the Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) in collaboration with the Information Systems Association (ISA), the event was packed. This event is organized every year to give students perspective on what Denver’s most successful companies are looking for and what they see as the future of business and IT.

This event offers students and the community the opportunity to:

  •  Learn how executives from some of Denver’s most successful companies think
  •  Understand what companies are looking for in new hires
  •  Identify and discuss trends in technology
  •  Hear how information technology is an integral part of every aspect of business and what you can do
  •  Ask questions to the panel

Student feedback

“I learned so much! It was a great opportunity to be able to hear from executives of so many successful companies right here in Denver and learn what steps I could take to obtain such a position myself.”
Huda Hussain, BSBA Information Systems

Varun Khurana, MS in Information Systems student, landed an interview with FirstBank after a productive conversation with the CIO resulted in a LinkedIn connection.