CITI recruits and retains approximately 30 prominent organizations from the Rocky Mountain area as corporate members. Only active COOs, CIOs, CTOs or Directors of Technology are considered for membership and are invited based on their qualifications.

CITI is funded entirely by these corporate members so that its mission and activities can be aligned with those of its members and the Business School. The Center is focused on providing many tangible benefits to its members.

CITI Membership Benefits

Short courses Member companies are given the opportunity to participate in short courses. These courses always cover the most current information systems information and challenges. Recent short courses have included:

  • Why Projects Fail
  • IT Maintenance, Repair, and Operations – Systems Integration
  • Leading Geeks, by the Paul Glenn, author of the book Leading Geeks

Working paper series – CITI provides working papers and research reports for all its research activities to all sponsoring companies on request. The working papers serve as a knowledge base for building a set of industry best practices related to information technology management, development, and use.

Student recruiting, internships and externships – Member companies have special access to students through private career fairs and recruiting support. The strong relationship between the university and industry encourages the placement of student interns and faculty externs.

Mentorship luncheons – Member companies have mentorship opportunities through the biannual luncheons with members of the Information Systems Association club members. This fosters closer relationships with up-and-coming IT talent.

Curriculum participation – Member companies support new degree programs and participate in the classroom by providing experts to speak about their real-world experience.

Other benefits include:

  •  Vendor-free environment to encourage the free exchange of ideas
  •  Active collaboration and interaction with peers
  •  Access to university resources, white papers, research and faculty knowledge base
  •  Active and collaborative participation in leading-edge research projects
  •  Benefits gained from both the research process and the findings
  •  Access to talent, student recruitment, student internships, faculty externships
  •  Participation in curriculum development and delivery around information technology
  •  Opportunity to work collaboratively with faculty and students on emerging issues
  •  Individualized and specialized support for interns and student placements