Health Administration

Health Administration Faculty

Faculty of the Health Administration programs include nationally recognized scholars who produce theoretical and applied research in academic journals in their fields and a select group of industry professionals that hold executive-level positions within healthcare organizations. This esteemed group brings relevance to the curriculum with the latest thinking on the most important issues confronting the field of health administration. Their expertise spans numerous areas of the industry, including information technology, quality, leadership, strategy, and more.

Faculty Spotlight

Jeff Helton Dr. Jeff Helton has written an insightful editorial published in the February issue of Health Facilities Management Magazine. In this piece, Helton discusses the patient’s role in innovation, reflecting on technological advances and the provider-patient relationship while exploring opportunities to increase patient involvement and investment in care. Helton’s executive background and his personal experience as a caregiver shed light on the importance of patient-oriented innovation. “Many of the best process improvements I have seen as a senior executive have come from thoughtful suggestions of the front-line staff serving our patients,” Helton remarks in the editorial. “Reaching across the counter, the exam table, or the bedrail and asking our patients for input is another good way to improve processes.”