Risk Management and Insurance Careers

Careers in Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance is an industry that will always be here.

Insurance touches everything we do and helps fuel the global economy. Many companies provide full benefits, generous paid vacation, sick leave, 401(k), pension benefits, and philanthropic opportunities. The majority of insurance professionals are 55+ and plan to retire soon. Companies are looking for young talent.

All segments of this industry are seeking talented people to fill the pipeline. The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to have an edge over other college graduates. Bottom line; the risk management and insurance industry is hiring.

Is a Risk Management and Insurance career right for you?

Career professionals agree that if you find a career that capitalizes on your talents, involves what you like to do and values who you are, you will have more success and be happier over the course of your working life.

A career in insurance offers variety, flexibility, above average advancement, a real sense of community, and the opportunity to apply your previous education and experience in one of the economy's most vital and stable sectors.

Insurance career resources to help you decide include: